What Are The Details?

When: November 16, 2019
Who: Any Wyoming high school cheerleading squad who is interested in competing in the game day division
Small Teams (2-11 members) $400

Large Teams (12-21 members) $500

XL Teams (22+ members) $600 

*total number includes mascot*

What Is Game Day?

Game Day is the perfect division for those with and without stunting/tumbling skills. It is truly a compilation of your team's game day traditions. It is a 3 minute routine full of a band dance, a situational cheer, a crowd involvement cheer, and your fight song. Check out UCA game day information online for videos, ideas, and more!

How Do I Register?

Click the link below to register your team today! Payment is due by September 15, 2019.


Please fill out your registration form today for the 2nd annual 7,220' Game Day Spirit Championships!