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What we offer:

We are excited to continue to offer summer camps for your high school teams! We are grateful to be the only NCAA Division 1 Cheer Team in the State of Wyoming and are excited to bring our knowledge and love for cheer to you and your team. The world of Spirit within the State of Wyoming has been growing significantly over the past few years and is continuing to do so. At the 2019 WHSAA State Spirit Competition they brought the new Game Day Division to a forefront. This was an amazing opportunity to increase participation in this competition from teams around the state. It is surely a division that will continue to grow in the future as well. Here at Wyoming Spirit we want to be the number one resource for all Wyoming High Schools for education and training for Spirit. 

Not a Wyoming team? Don't worry! We have you covered too! Colorado has also recently added Game Day it's CHSAA State Spirit Competition as of 2019! There is no better time to work with a team and coaching staff that know what this division is all about! 

This summer we are offering three different camp options to best suit each and every program and your individual goals. For each camp you will have 1-2 head instructors (AACCA and CPR certified) and 2 additional instructors to lead your camp. This year, only Home Camps will be available. A home camp means that we come to you! Time slots are limited so be sure to schedule in advance! Due to the current state of the Coronavirus, we will not be able to schedule any camps in June, but will work in as many camps in July as possible. Please contact Coach Danielle at ASAP to schedule your camp!


2020 Camp Pricing:

Home Camps: 

Two Day Game Day Camp: $250/person

Two Day Stunt Routine Camp: $250/person

Three Day Combo Camp: $310/person

Go For Gold Spirit Camp Offerings


Game Day Camp

Stunt Routine Camp

Stunt Routine Camp

This two-day camp will include instruction on all things Game Day! We will work on band dances, cheers, crowd interaction, and your fight song. We will also include instruction on stunts to optimize your game day routine if you choose. 


Stunt Routine Camp

Stunt Routine Camp

Stunt Routine Camp

This two-day camp will include instruction on all things Stunt Routine focused (all girl or coed). We will work on safe stunt progression, jumps, pyramids, cheers, and a dance that can all easily be incorporated into your stunt routine. 


Combination Camp

Stunt Routine Camp

Combination Camp

This three-day camp will include instruction on both Game Day and Stunt Routines. This is the ideal camp for teams who are interested in competing in both divisions at state. What could be better? It really is the best of both worlds!